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ChangeLog amnesiac 2.0.2 -> current

-Release amnesiac 2.0.2 [cvs50-51] Hey at least it happened!
-New release, new CHANGES rollover.
-Now scripters can go and fuckup the tree, or go wild again assuming
some scripters/userbase/comitters are active (hopefully) now that
we have the first release in god knows how many years long overdue,
I'm not perfectly happy with the release with a broken userlist and some
other possible bugs, and the oper module mess needs to be dealt with. //zak
-increment values of some default settings, namely dcc_ports increase
low-med port range, increment lastlog buffer to 3500 scrollback to 2000, 
as most people surely have ram for that much these days, heck i use up to
45000 at times.uses about 30-40megs depending on how many
windows/channels. increment connect retry amount. //zak
-add amnesiac release date to /uptime, above snapdate. //zak
-sync help/docs more to reality, since slocate found some errors the
other night, i decided to clean up a little bit while in the general area
before i passed out //zak

24 May 2021
-What? A new release? No way!
-Release 2.0.3
-Remove some offensive quit messages
-Remove a useless bind
-Add python support