A continuation of oblivion by void, rewritten by crapple/kreca/skullY

Amnesiac is a modular epic5 irc script, with plenty of functions.
It is currently under active development some of the popular features of the script are but not limited to
  • customization of format outputs/colors,
  • abot, shitlist, userlist
  • opervision, orignick, relay (paste)
  • improved tabkey, and more!
brought to you by!
//irc crapple|nihilist@efnet //email
//irc kreca@efnet //email
//irc skullY@efnet //email
and many others out there who has helped out!

The amnesiac irc/help/mixed subjected channel is located on efnet #amnesiac
find an efnet irc server here

the mailing list is adviseable due to the active nature of the project
and questions/problems/issues tends to get resolved quicker, go to the ref to subscribe